Who am I and what is this place? My life summed up in bite-sized pieces is that I grew up in a family of writers and artists in Eastern Europe. I was educated by treasures of knowledge hidden in libraries on wrinkled old pages and wisdom passed down to me from generations. I fell in love with motion pictures at an early age. I knew I wanted to be part of this trickery of the human eye. I was at first inspired by phenomenal stunt performers and what they do. This brought me to martial arts where I eventually become an instructor. Along this journey with many twists and turns, I found my path back to film in post-production as a film editor. When I’m not piecing together stories, I’m writing them or musing about the story that is life. Perhaps also, I’m writing a bit dangerously. Taking calculated risks with written words for the sake of rebellion from silence. I welcome you to stay a little while and read some things.