What is Love?

Here is a collection of poems and prose inspired by love <3


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead

The head and the heart had an argument about love
One chose logic the other emotion

Logic stated “This love makes no sense!”
The heart proclaimed “This love feels so right, it is mine forever!”
The two could not agree until the soul intervened

“Strive not to understand, simply accept.”
She told the two opposing sides.

“Love can not be caught, it is not something to keep.”
“Love flows within all points of the universe up to this very minute.
Be within the present moment and you will always be, in love”


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead

I understand art, I understand philosophy
I can paint you the heavens
I can muse about the stars quite easily

But I have no idea, how to love you

I can clearly tell you a story
Write the most beautiful sonnet
Paint the universe with my hands

But I have no idea how this love thing works

Am I supposed to hold you?
Am I supposed to kiss you?
Am I supposed to tell you what I feel?

Perhaps you have a book on this.

I’m lost between my mind and heart
I can’t think clearly over their arguments
And the way I feel is confusing my intellect

Perhaps you can show me

Show me how to feel this bliss
Show me what love is

This silence when our eyes meet
Meet in stillness and peace
I want to sit in that space, forever

Is that my dear, what love is?


By Tanja Katrin Lawhead

“I Love you” Is easy to say
When it comes to showing just how much
I’m left looking dumbstruck at you

Even when writing you a love poem
It becomes obscured in strange metaphors
You’d need a dictionary to decipher

After meticulous research into your tastes, I buy you a gift
Found it at the world’s end, nearly cost my life to get
And you smile and say you already have it

I bake you a heart-shaped cake
You’re too hungry to understand
It took me three hours and a cut on my hand

Trying to find things that say “I love you”
Leave me frustrated and bothered with you
So I am left without things or words

Guess I’m back to square one
Silently looking dumbstruck at you
I forgot all social norms of expressing love

Overcome with a sweet simple feeling
I stare into your eyes, into your soul
Then with a kiss I let you know
“I love you.”


By Tanja Katrin Lawhead

Like shooting stars collide
Heart beats magnetize
Pulling towards one another

A rift in time where we stand still
Turns into breathless silence

Two eyes meet, two hearts beat
Oh, Glorious moment!

Unconditional love becomes reality
True love takes flight, Heaven touches earth
Manifesting infinite possibility

In this moment anything’s possible


By Tanja Katrin Lawhead

Rage burns within my chest
 Lit by feelings of injustice
“Trickery!” My soul yells out as the ego’s prize is lost

It sets a fire with rage, I could lose myself in this
And burn compassion from my being
So I sit, Cup this chaos in my hand

And look within this rage

It becomes medicine, It becomes healing
As it turns into passion, passion for life

An eternal flame

And in this passion
I renew my love