Remixing The Internet Archive

In 2004 all I wanted for my sweet sixteen was a copy of Adobe After Effects and some footage to edit. My wish came true when I got a copy of Adobe’s Creative Suite Production Premium and found the Prelinger and Ephemeral Films archives on The Internet Archive.

Eventually I came up with a game, a post production game. Search The Internet Archive and construct a story from what you find.

The Internet Archive Challenge 

  • Pick some random videos
  • Merge their story lines together
  • Mash em’ up and remix till done

This is what I came up with… 

“THE MIGHTY BLENDOR!! An evil giant blender with a dance ray of DOOM! It’s evil lay asleep for many years only now to emerge with plans of world dance doom! Well prepared for this the cows send an S.O.S signal to the Agents of A.A.A.H. Unfortunately the Agents don’t receive the signal in time. Blendor attacks the city with a crazy dance fever! The agents annual potluck and traditional game of tear gas soccer is interrupted when they spot the unusual dance rays emitting from the city. They gather up in typical 70s title sequence style and attack Blendor with all their awesome power! Yeah, you don’t mess with THE AGENTS OF A.A.A.H!!”

Working With Low Resolution And/Or Distorted Footage

Playing with archive footage always presents some challenges where quality is concerned.

  • Overlaying as many filters as possible
  • Overly stylizing the footage
  • Use a lot of filters and contrast
  • Give it some type of texture i.e paper, old VHS, pixelated ect.
  • Create a stylized collage

One approach to take is if it’s all pretty messed, up mess it up some more.

The Internet Archive and Why I Love It

Apocolipto Galatica was another Archive mash-up I was working on but I ran out of mounties.


If it wasn’t for open knowledgepublic domain and creative commons I wouldn’t have anything to play with.

The Internet Archive continues to provide me with incredible education and research for all my articles and work. If you can spare some cash please donate and keep this gem alive. Thank you! 🙂

Happy remixing! <3