Help & Resources

Many thanks to the wonderful people who’ve created these resources to share world wide. When I first started learning videography and eventually film production these web sites and books helped tremendously.

Production 101
This is an excellent starting point to quickly understand the entire process of film and video production. There are also wonderful iPad Textbooks for $2.99 that expand on the free content.

Guide Book for Guerrilla Filmmakers
In-depth guide book to making your own film from pre-production to post production.

No Film School
This is a content resource for me to see what’s new in equipment and software. What new tech I can experiment with and the free DSLR Cinematography Guide was very helpful.

Helpful articles and very a wonderful newsletter I’ve been a subscriber to their e-newsletter for about seven years. I’ve always found something helpful, humorous and inspiring.

The Bare Bones Camera Course for Film and Video
This is an incredible book for absolute beginners. A great way to educate someone quickly on the basics so they can start filming. It helps you avoid common mistakes and I often recommend it or lend it to friends who are interested in filmmaking.

The Complete Film Production Handbook
I keep this by my desk at all times it’s packed with forms, contracts, releases and checklists and everything you need to know. I highly recommend this book once you’ve you’re past the basics and are serious about pursuing filmmaking.