Poetry & Prose

by Tanja Katrin Lawhead  

Hearing new things
Things that sound like songs
Songs ancient and old
Old like tall trees and stars
Stars that dance to music
Music full of magic things

Feeling new things
Things that feel cold
Cold like seashore winds
Winds that sweep me away
Away to new worlds
Worlds full of magic things

Seeing new things
Things eyes strain to see
See light soft and glowing
Glowing all around and in-between
In-between time encased in the divine
Divine love full of magic things

Tasting new things
Things that taste of roses
Roses sweet and soft
Soft like a lover’s kiss
Kiss that joins galaxies
Galaxies full of magic things


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead  

Dream a dream for me
Let no man know
This secret world
Concealed deep
Within your soul

Let no man know
This cherished dream of yours
For when dreams are born
They become burnt and torn
By sterile rules of false reality

This secret world
All yours to create
Infinite and boundless
Of life and beauty endless
In this place, you are King

Concealed deep
Create an enchanted garden
Forgotten walls surround it
Vines and thorns guard it.
Here imagination grows

Within your soul
Have unshakeable faith
Bound by no mortal decree
In your soul, truly be free
With no worries of time

Dream a dream for me
Void of every pain and fear
Live enchanted, heart full of love
Through dreams that bring child-like delight
Shine your soul-fire brightly

Dream a dream for me
Let your broken soul free
Roam in your mind’s garden

Dream a dream for me
Never cease; Never surrender
For all thoughts change reality


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead 

You can’t label me, it causes migraines.
I know this from personal experience.

You can’t put me in a box.

I am a million leagues across the sea
Traveling backwards into space past multidimensional galaxies

I never knew there were boxes, until you tried to find me one.
You spent hours trying to categorize my existence.

Frustrated you tore apart every box and burnt it.
Sparks and ash twirling in the wind, You laughed like lunatics laugh.

As my human existence shattered your deception.
You shouted with hands reaching for the skies!

“Human spirit is infinite. Infinity will never be confined to limited space!”

A smile trailed across our faces as we felt the winds raise up the flames.
That day we realized with smiles our limitless world of possibilities.


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead  

I traveled the world before I learned to speak.
When I spoke, I spoke of things I’d dream.

The Earth was my childhood friend
And all her creatures I had befriend

I ran through the wild lands
Forests green and fields grand

Climb mountains as easy as trees
Saw the world as it should be

Then returned to the heart of man
City noises and pavements blank

I saw broken people, stolen dreams
Empty beaten and battered things

I too was broken, I too was battered
My dreams were stolen and spirit scattered

Ventured into the darkest corner of my soul
Begged the Shadow Self to make me whole

It brought no joy only burning tears
Hurt cut deeper for eternal years

At the edge of darkness; My dream!
Untouched, pure hope it gleamed

From depths of Hades, I climbed
Clinging onto my gleaming light

I traveled the world and I learned to live.
When I lived, I lived my dream.


by Tanja Katrin Lawhead 

Bury my heart
In the native’s land
Among ghosts of the buffalo
Bones of the shaman

Bury my heart
Where houses lay shattered
After bombshells landed
Broken families scattered

Bury my heart
Where living skeletons roam
Seeking food to eat
While rich Kings bellies grow fatter

Bury my heart
Where the goddess is stripped of her powers
Pulled down to earth by self righteous men
Burnt alive, stoned and beaten
To satisfy men’s broken ego

Bury my heart
Deep into the silent earth
Veins and vessels like roots growing
There grows a tree standing tall
Knowing pride comes before the fall