The Short Awesome Manifesto: Go Forth and Make Movies!


The most beautiful films were painted with moving pictures. Worlds of silent, faded,  jittery black and white images told the most magical stories.

From silent to sound to HD video the medium of motion pictures has seen constant change. Shown in vaudeville side show tents to intrigued or confused audiences who at the time couldn’t imagine The Great Train Robbery or Nosferatu.

Together artists radiating with passion, crazy brave pioneers and mad scientists poured their passion into a limited experimental technology establishing motion pictures as a legitimate medium. Hollywood glamour and celebrity worship came as a result of the industrial era’s “sell everything” mentality.

This hundred year old marketing strategy no longer works in an age of global communication. The big flashing Hollywood lights are slowly burning out and have become obsolete in a world where one-click distribution of your film to a global audience is freely available.

Video is everywhere. High resolution HD in cellphones and DSLR cameras. DVDs can be self published with sites like Amazon’s CreateSpace. Filmmakers, authors, artists directly engage with their audience online. Promoting a culture that is not consumer driven but community driven. The way we do business is rapidly shifting towards a more honest right-brain approach. Shed your business suit and get comfy in your PJs. Go create the films, the art, the books you want to see.

Ideas to Get You Started
There are countless methods to making a film. The web is abundant with answers to all your filmmaking questions. A rough idea of what you could do is…

  1. Write your script. As a side note if you run into writer’s block pick-up a book like “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Great techniques to unblock. My favourite is keeping a notebook handy by your bed. Every morning write two pages. Letting go and scribbling words down without a care.
  2. Create a “Pitch Film” or “Lookbook” It could be an animated storyboard of your film with voice overs. Use photos, drawings animate in After Effects or Flash and for sound try a Zoom H2 with Audacity. Your goal in creating this is to have something solid that gives the look, feel and pacing of your film.
  3. Get a site going for your film. Run a social marketing campaign. Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. Let people around the web know about it. Start up a blog or vlog on YouTube. Start pulling in the audience you’re trying to speak to.
  4. Use KickStarter to collect your budget. You get to create the films you want to see and the audience gets to help make films they want. People who pitch in on the budget can get producer credits, DVD or Blu-Ray copy, merchandise, tickets to the premiere, ect.
  5. Make the damn movie!

The era we live in allows us to be passionate again. Like the grandfathers and grandmothers of the cinema we have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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