Save the Planet, Save some Seeds

Initiatives to preserve heirloom seeds and the old farming traditions are beginning to prosper as people take a closer look at commercial farming and GMO crops.

GMO and commercially grown crops carry harmful pesticides, can effect the foods nutritional value, carry unexpected toxins or allergens and put wild plant population biodiversity at risk.  More information on Genetically modified foods can be found at Institute of Science in Society, Action Bioscience, World Health Organisation and Earth Opensource.

Native Seeds/SEARCH is a non-profit conservation organisation in Tucson, Arizona a leader in the Heirloom seed movement with over 1800 varieties of seeds many of them endangered or rare. Currently they offer 350 varieties from their collection grown at their Conservation Farm in Patagonia, Arizona. Their mission is important for biodiversity and helping Native American farmers who help their communities thrive through preserving ancient traditions, organic heirloom foods and the relationship between man and nature.

To educate myself I got my hands on some of their beautiful seeds and am attempting to grow my own heirloom hot peppers and shaman tobacco. I chose the two because I love hot peppers and tobacco has a very ancient spiritual ritual behind it. I won’t be smoking either of the two, the tobacco is for science and the hot peppers are for sauces.

You can shop Native Seed’s online store and start growing your own heirloom beans, corn, greens and more.

Before I plant I’m sprouting the seeds keeping them in the dark and consistently spraying them. I can’t wait to see these beauties grow!